A higher level of service

美瑛 青い池
私 金子におまかせください

We offer you a comfortable "transport + sightseeing" plan.

Why don't you make a sightseeing plan using the time available from the arrival at New Chitose Airport to the time of transfer to your destination  and the time available until check-in at the hotel? We can make an original plan to suit you. Please feel free to contact us.
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New Chitose Airport - Destination


Required time

Stopover plan (additional 2-3 hours)


112 km

About 2,5 hours

Otaru(sightseeing and dining)


110 km

About 2 hours

Otaru (sightseeing and dining)


87 km

About 2 hours

Lake Toya(sightseeing and dining)


73 km

About 1 hour

"Hell valley"(sightseeing and dining)

Toya Windzor Hotel 

114 km

About 1 hour 40 minutes

Lake Toya (sightseeing and dining)


58 km

About 1 hour

Around Sapporo (sightseeing and dining)


126 km

About 2,5 hours

Biei (sightseeing and dining)


179 km

About 2,5 hours

Furano and Biei (sightseeing and dining)

Asahidake Hot Spring

230 km

About 3,5 hours

Furano and Biei (sightseeing and dining)


316 km

About 3,5 hours

Lake Toya & Noboribetsu (sightseeing and dining)


109 km

About 2,5 hours

Furano (sightseeing and dining)

A higher grade of tourist taxi / hire service.

「Dynamism & Hospitality」Peace of mind for our customers.

Guide-driver with expert knowledge of tourism and hospitality etiquette.

Sightseeing routes can be arranged to suit your needs. Elderly-friendly and ideal for family trips. You can choose the type of car and plan according to the number of people in your party.


「New safety measures」

Make good use of online services
Wear masks and wash hands
Avoid the three C
Regularly sanitize and wash facility equipment
Keep a safe distance
Monitor the health condition of the staff