High quality driving, plenty of space for guests to relax and put luggage

Size with comfortable space

Alphard is a large minivan in Toyota's LL class. The large and spacious body of the car provides plenty of space for a large number of people. You can carry a lot of of luggage without having to worry about the painful travel time in a small car.

Equipment and performance

The key feature of the Alphard is its equipment and performance. Alphard's seats have excellent cushioning and are known for their comfort. Furthermore, Toyota's technology has made it possible for the engine to be quiet and the car to be stable with little bounce. These features help to reduce the burden on the body.

High-grade specification

The last feature is luxury. Alphard has a luxurious interior. Traveling in a luxurious car will lift your spirits and make your trip even more wonderful.

「Dynamism & Hospitality」Peace of mind for our customers.

Guide-driver with expert knowledge of tourism and hospitality etiquette.

Sightseeing routes can be arranged to suit your needs. Elderly-friendly and ideal for family trips. You can choose the type of car and plan according to the number of people in your party.

「New safety measures」

Make good use of online services
Wear masks and wash hands
Avoid the three C
Regularly sanitize and wash facility equipment
Keep a safe distance
Monitor the health condition of the staff